CEO Message

saqib-messageMid City Hospital was established on January 1st 2011. So far, we have earned a good reputation, through our good services and hospitality. We at Mid City Hospital are dedicated to providing excellent services, and to make your stay comfortable, in a healthy and clean environment. We believe in Good Health Care Facilities. We have a team of Highly Qualified Consultants, who are masters in their respective fields. We are a 100 bed hospital, with State of the Art, Labour Room, Labour Delivery Room, Nursery, Operation Theaters, ICU, & 24 Hours Emergency. . We are a general hospital, which caters all forms of Medical Related Services. Our aim is to become one of the best Hospitals in the Country, through our Excellent Health Care Services and Hospitality. Our main areas of Excellence would be Obstetrics & Gynaecology, State of the Neonatology (Nursery), Laproscopic Surgery and Latest Treatment Infertility & IVF.In the next few months, we are going for expansion of the hospital, will will comprise in addition to other areas of Health care. The state of the Art Nursery, Paeds Department, Cardiac Surgery and Blood Transfusion Center which will provide 24 hours Emergency care, with fully trained Consultants, Doctors, as well as nursing staff. This will be a unique and first of its kind, in the City of Lahore . I hope you enjoy your stay at Mid City Hospital and hope we can make it a comfortable one for you.

Dr Saqib Siddiq
Mid City Hospital