International Patient Services

Mid City hospital takes pride for offering multidisciplinary medical care to foreign patients in general and expatriate Pakistanis in particular. We at Mid City Hospital offer service excellence which is achieved through an ideal blend of medical brilliance and personalized care.

Treatment outside your country and away from home can be a real physical challenge and an emotionally stressful experience for both you and your loved ones. The patient care team at Mid City Hospital ensures that every international patient’s visit is comfortable, pleasant and hassle-free. The hospital staff takes care of minutest details, to make you feel at home, because we know if you feel better, you will heal better.

Qualified doctors, our trained nurses, allied health and paramedics, backed by our state of the art facilities and equipment are made available to provide you with the best quality patient care.

Why Mid City Hospital?

  • Mid City Hospital is a reliable and viable solution to your health problems
  • It provides you health care by an infrastructure of International quality and state of the art technology
  • Highly competent team of medical professionals
  • Compassionate support staff
  • We offer health care packages that are affordable to all and are transparent
  • We provide quick services and there is no waiting period

Mid City Hospital International Patient

Procedural Road Map
STEP:1 Identify your concerned doctor
First Identify the doctor from whom you need consultation and treatment of your ailment
STEP:2 Carry out Online consultation
Consult the concerned doctor through the e-mail given in the profile of each doctor
STEP:3 Finalize treatment plan
Get your treatment plan finalized after thorough discussion with your doctor
STEP:4 Choose and finalize a health care package
Your doctor will also help you to determine the approximate cost of your treatment that you must finalize before your visit
STEP:5 Plan your visit
Plan and inform about your travel to Lahore so that your first appointment with the concerned doctor can be scheduled
STEP:6 Arrive in Lahore, Pakistan
Inform at your arrival and so that your meeting with the doctor can be arranged
STEP:6 Arrive in Lahore, Pakistan
Inform at your arrival and so that your meeting with the doctor can be arranged
STEP:7 Meet Your Doctor at Mid City Hospital
Please confirm and have your first pre-scheduled meeting with your doctor after arrival
STEP:8 Get your Treatment done
Mid City Hospital doctors and the staff will treat you with care, compassion and clinical excellence.
STEP:9 Recovery and leisure period
At Mid City Hospital we provide your comfort because we believe if you feel better you will heal better.
STEP:10 Return Home

Healthcare Services for International Patients

For further detail and information please contact:
Mid City Hospital
3-A, Shadman
Opposite Kinnaird College
Jail Road Lahore, Pakistan.
Tel:      92 042 37573382, 37573383,
Cell:    0300 8482624