Test Tube Baby

Test Tube Baby

1 in every 7 couples is faced with the problem of infertility. The incidence is on a rise probably due to overwhelming use of inappropriate, processed foods and sedentary lifestyle. In a culture like ours child bearing is an essential part of a married life. Peer pressure puts the couple under immense stress to conceive, the moment a couple ties the knot. At our centre we understand these issues and try to be empathic while advising treatment. Every patient is treated as an individual and is given full emotional support in addition to medical treatment. This individual patient care and empathy sets us apart from other centers.

About Us:
Prof. Dr Saqib Siddiq is a renowned Obstetricians/Gynecologist who pioneered in IVF in Pakistan in 1989. He single handedly brought the ICSI technology to Pakistan. Since then his team under his able guidance has been providing quality infertility treatment to thousands of couples all around the globe. Our team includes qualified and trained personnel committed to providing best patient care. Dr. Areeba Saqib recently joined our able team after completing her studies from the University of Leeds, UK.

Medical Practices:
Mid City Hospital provide his services round the clock 24/7 emergency services including labour room, labour delivery room and operation theatre. Privacy of the patients is well taken care of with female staff ensured as per patients demand. Medical officers are present round the clock & consultants cover is provided by the senior Gynaecologists. Midwives presence for assistance is provides 24/7 as well as essential pain relief services during labour like epidural by expert anesthetist team and Entonox facility is available.


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