Nephrology & Dialysis

The Department of Nephrology at Midcity Hospital provide a complete range of consultative, diagnostic and treatment services for patients with kidney diseases. The scope of care encompasses all stages of kidney disease, from earliest detectable changes in kidney function through End Stage Renal Disease. The division’s goal is to provide the highest quality care while helping patients manage their condition. Kidney failure is often associated with other medical issues, such as heart, lung liver diseases, cancer etc and other surgical or obstetrical disorders. Patients with a history of renal disease who are on dialysis and undergo major general or cardiac surgery are at high risk for complications. The center for dialysis works closely with other Doctors Hospital specialties, addressing a patient’s kidney failure prior to surgery and taking appropriate steps to ensure the best possible outcomes.


Dr. Ibad Ur Rehman

Speciality: Nephrology & Dialysis

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