OBS Gyne

OBS Gyne

Mid City Hospital is the state of the art hospital regarding Obstetrics & Gynaecology facilities. It has round the clock 24 hrs emergency services including labour room, labour delivery room and operation theatre. Privacy of the patients is well taken care of with female staff ensured as per patients demand. Medical officers are present round the clock & consultants cover is provided by the senior Gynaecologists.

Midwives presence for assistance is provides 24 hrs. as well as essential pain relief services during labour like epidural by expert anesthetist team and Entonox facility is available. Electronic monitoring devices monitor the fetal heart rate. Latest equipments of vacuum and forceps are there to ensure a safe passage to your baby. Baby is received and seen by Pediatrician.

In addition Gynaecological procedure in the form of major & minor surgical operations are done by senior Gynaecological team. These include hysterectomies, myomectomies, laprotomies for ovarian tumor, vaginal surgeries for prolapsed uterus. In addition, all major gynaecological surgeries are done through Laproscopy in which single hole is made in tummy and patient is discharged next day. It is best for the patient for cosmetic reasons in addition to infinite health benefits.

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